Weeding/Other Plant Care

Weeding/Plant Care Facts: Farmworkers perform a range of plant care tasks during the growing period. Plant thinning, irrigation, weeding, and assisting with pesticide application are some of the most common tasks.

Major components:

  • Weeding may be done with hoe or spoon-shaped tool.
  • For some more delicate vegetables, weeding/thinning is done on hands and knees without use of a tool/hoe.
  • Workers may perform tasks like:
    • Setting bean poles and stringing them with wire or twine.
    • Tying leaves over heads of cauliflower and other cabbage and cabbage-like plants.
    • Assisting with irrigation activities and applying fertilizer.
    • General field or farm maintenance such as moving materials, repairing fencing, etc.
  • While chemicals may be applied even before planting, it is during the growth period where workers are most frequently exposed to pesticides and other chemicals. When pesticides are applied, workers are prohibited from entering the field for a specified period of time (depending on the chemical).