Animal Handling and Care

Moving Animals: On dairies certain areas of the farm are designated for specific functions. Examples of these would include; milking stalls or parlors, birthing pens and feeding areas. Animals are moved singly or in groups to these different areas by herders. These people are unprotected and work between animals which often weigh over 1,500lbs. Common accidents involve workers being pinned between cattle and the gates and rails which keep the cattle contained. Bulls are also a common source of injury, larger and more aggressive than cows, they will attack workers.

Animal Care: Dairy animals require constant care. Examples include; Hoof trimming, footbaths, medical procedures and calving. Workers can be injured by the animals during these treatments by; kicking, bunting and crushing. Workers can also be injured by the equipment used for treatment; Hypodermic needle sticks, cuts and abrasions from trimming equipment and chemical exposure.